Key Piano

Do you want to learn to play the piano?

Well, now you can!


Whether you have had 0 experience in music or have already started learning a musical instrument, Sierra’s Piano Studio can help you unlock your natural musicality in a fun and easy way that gets results. Sierra’s Piano Studio utilises a wonderful new method of teaching piano in order to establish the skills necessary for its students to enjoy music throughout their lives. It’s called Simply Music, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever experience before. With Sierra’s Piano Studio, students are able to play the piano immediately, without the needing to depend on sheet music to do so! Students can self-express, create and enjoy music in their lives easily, and from their very first lesson!

With both group and private lessons available, you will learn to strengthen and nurture the natural musical abilities and be able to share and express your musicality alone as well as with others. Who ever said it had to be hard?

Sierra’s Piano Studio is currently operating in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne (recently moved from it’s location in Lilydale). All you will need is the keenness to start and perhaps a keyboard or piano of your own and you’re ready to go!

It is really never too late to take up piano lessons. Contact Sierra now!

(But wait… who is Sierra?)