”…being able to play piano has been one of my dreams but something that I never thought I could accomplish…”

” I enrolled my kids to learn piano lessons with Sierra because I considered music to be important for young children. When I saw that they were able to learn music straight away, I thought I would enrol myself too. I didn’t need to have any previous knowledge about music, and being able to play piano has been one of my dreams but something that I never thought I could accomplish. When Sierra explained to me that I would be able to play a song from the first day, I didn’t believe it! But after I had my first lesson, and after I saw that I was able to play my first song- that really motivated me a lot... to have a second lesson! I was amazed at how productive the half an hour a week could be, using the Simply Music method and having such an encouraging teacher…Sierra is very cute and always has a big smile! She helps you to relax, have confidence and have a belief in your own ability. If I’m having a particular challenge with my learning, Sierra finds ways to very simply help me see it in little steps until it is clear to me. Even with her softness and creativity she always manages to teach me the piece and get where I want in my achievements in a very practical way! After the first month the kids and I were able to play four pieces each, and we just keep learning more!”
- Estefania, 39, Sierra’s Piano Studio Student (and Parent), 


‘What I like most about Simply Music…”

”What I like most about Simply Music is being able to learn a wide range of music and getting along well with Sierra.”
- Ashley, 16, Sierra’s Piano Studio Student 

‘ (Lessons are).. Challenging to my memory, fun, and funny…”

”(Lessons are).. Challenging to my memory, fun, funny learning this way compared with old ways of learning. …(Sierra) is bright, light and happy. She laughs at my jokes. Nice personality.”
- Yvonne, 47, Sierra’s Piano Studio Student. 


”Simply Music has given him the confidence to experiment with music”

“My son has been learning with Simply Music for some time now, and has recently taken up the cello at school. It is clear that the skills he has learned from Simply Music are helping him with his cello playing. He already has a good understanding of rhythm, and a good sense of the way that music is constructed, the way it all works together. He has begun composing on the cello because of what he has been doing on the piano. Simply Music has given him the confidence to experiment with music, to try new things and to create, which I doubt he would otherwise have.”
- Simply Music Parents, Barbara Goldflam Perth, Western Australia


“His self-esteem and personal belief have flourished.”

My son (who is 10 years of age) has been taking Simply Music piano lessons for 21 weeks. He has in his repertoire, approximately 21 songs that he is able to perform. This is most impressive, not only to him but also to me.

Prior to discovering the Simply Music school, he studied alto saxaphone. I thought he was doing very well at the time, until he came home from music and told me that his teacher told him he “sucked at the sax”! His teacher feels that, physically, the alto saxaphone can be difficult to handle for a child so young. My son was also “bogged down” with the technique and the way he should hold, blow and play the Saxaphone, as well as learning to read the music at the same time.

As he is highly motivated by music, and enjoys music immensely, we then moved on to percussion. Although, fabulous for his mathematics, I found the teaching and theory slow (and, I might add, so did he). I decided to cease with this style of teaching and source something that would motivate him to enjoy the music and improve his self esteem to be able to play, perform and actually create something!!!!

Hence, we discovered Simply Music……….

My son has found that because he is able to play songs, and oftentimes songs that he recognises, he is motivated to learn, practice and play them time and again throughout the week. I do not need to remind him or “nag” him to practice his piano, he just automatically sits and plays song after song, both before school and after school. My son in his normal schooling life is a “wonderful student”! but not an “academic student”! The Simply Music program has allowed him to “excel in something that no-one else in his family or class can do” He has been able to perform his talent in front of his class, then the younger classes and finally he was chosen to perform in front of the entire school. For a student like him, to be able to develop this ability and feel good about himself is fabulous. We can’t all be good at everything but for a 10 year old who has had extra schooling, and extra help with things like speech, it seems the music comes easy…..or the teaching makes it easy.

He plays weekly for his grandparents who sit and make him play tune after tune, especially the old numbers which they absolutely love. They can’t quite believe the speed with which he has picked it up, and being biased grandparents, think that he may be “gifted”. Little do they know (and I’m loathe to tell them), that every other student in the class is just as gifted week after week!!!!

I personally think all children need to feel good about themselves in some way and being able to play the piano has enabled my son’s self esteem and personal belief to develop and flourish in a very healthy way.

- Simply Music Parent, Dianne, Melbourne, Australia

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